How it works

How it works

We help inspire your team’s travel passion further.
Learning new skills at a time and place that suits you.
Get comfy.

How it works

We help inspire your team’s travel passion further. Learning new skills at a time and place that suits you. Get comfy.

Progression starts here

Progressive Travel Training is an online resource providing courses designed by travel industry experts for businesses and individuals hungry to achieve their potential, and represents the vision of Fi Morrison-Arnthal, Tony Macdonald and James Roberts, a tight-knit team of travel professionals.

Besides travel being their shared passion in life, they are all staunch advocates of investing in a team’s learning as the best means of business success. In their experience, learning investment means prioritising the future, which requires insightful training that prepares a team to tackle and achieve business objectives. Investing in your people will improve engagement, job satisfaction, employee retention, succession planning, attracting talent and much more.

Travel training! Your return on investment

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Community of authors

When choosing our community of authors their credibility has been at the forefront of our selection process.

We believe credibility is hugely important when investing in your own or your employees training and development. You must believe that you will learn from the author of the course and that because of the learning you will achieve your personal objectives.

Our authors have all worked to a senior level within travel and have extensive experience in the course they have created. Indeed, they have all led teams to great success within their expert area of the industry. We have provided a bio for every author on the course overview so that you can review their credibility and make a very informed decision about who you learn from.

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PTT for Business

We all know working in travel is fast-paced and demanding. Time to design and deliver training is limited. Formal training and in-house trainers are a luxury many travel businesses cannot afford. In fact, most managers are given the responsibility to deliver on-the-job training whilst balancing their own heavy workloads, sometimes leading to inadequate learning that affects business results and impacts talent and career development.

Progressive Travel Training offers several e-learning solutions that will meet your business needs. As no two businesses are the same, we can discuss several options. These include:

Off the shelf

Our library of courses have been created in collaboration with industry subject matter experts whose knowledge is combined with our instructional design skills to offer your learners a wide variety of informative, interactive, engaging learning that can be completed in short bursts. View our travel course library

Off the shelf bundles

You may wish to purchase a bundle of courses for your team and for this we can provide a discount. Simply choose from our library of travel courses the training most needed within your business and contact us with your learner numbers and we will discuss your options.

White label

If your business has an in-house LMS and you would like to host co-branded (your brand and ours) on your own system we can organise this. Contact us to discuss.

Let’s discuss the right option for your business

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