Meet the team

Industry experts passionate about empowering
the travel community through a culture of
knowledge sharing and connections.

Meet the team

Industry experts passionate about
empowering the travel community
through a culture of knowledge
sharing and connections.
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Fi Morrison-Arnthal

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James Roberts

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Tony Macdonald

Storm Robertson

Storm Robertson

Carol Robb

Carol Robb

How it all began

Let’s rewind to the beginning

Progressive Travel Recruitment was opened in August 2005 by James Roberts. Initially opening an office in Manchester on his own, the team quickly expanded to four staff, and an office in London. Scotland followed in 2007, with an opening in Glasgow.

Further expansion saw the first overseas office open in Dubai in 2008, and subsequent launches in the Maldives, Cairo, Miami, Cape Town, Toronto, Hong Kong, New York, Tallinn and a support team in Durban took the team to 20 colleagues, all of whom have worked in travel and hospitality for most of their careers.

Fast forward to Fi

If you’ve read Fi’s bio you’ll know that she‘s a passionate, qualified training and development specialist who’s spent her career leading, training, coaching, developing, and recruiting within travel and hospitality. Fi had been living in Cape Town, South Africa for ten years before returning to the UK in 2015 and registering as a candidate with Progressive Travel Recruitment. Such was her connection with James and Tony, Fi joined the company as a homeworking account director.

Throughout their earliest discussions, Fi, Tony and James mooted the opportunity to use Fi’s skills and experience in learning and development to launch a sister training business. They all knew many individuals and businesses within the industry were looking for a solution which would enable them to invest in their own or their employees learning and development, obtaining new skills that would help them to achieve within a role, find a new position or even promotion. However, due to the rapid growth of Progressive Travel Recruitment, finding the time proved difficult.

Enter the pandemic

Fi was placed on furlough in April 2020 and after two weeks presented a business proposal to James and Tony which would see the three of them finally realise their dream and launch Progressive Travel Training. A global e-learning platform with courses written by travel industry experts for the travel industry was born.

Are you like-minded?

If you love travel as much as us, feel super-passionate about our ethos, and also have a talent for travel training, we might be destined to work together.

Watch this video and contact us here to learn more

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