Are you looking to return to a career in travel?


Covid-19 saw many of us within the travel industry experiencing immeasurable loss and uncertainty.  Large numbers of industry professionals lost their jobs, many of them finding new careers outside of travel.  As we weathered the storm together, the one thing we have in common is our love of the travel industry. This doesn’t fade, and as our sister business is noticing, people are starting to look at a return to what they know and love: travel.

Are you going to get the job?

We’ve all honed and refined an array of skills throughout our travel careers.  Since the first peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, some of these skills may have gone into hibernation, replaced with new ones. Whatever the situation or the role, the skills that we needed to be successful may have become rusty.

Think back to how amazing you were at riding a bike as a child, and how wobbly you can be after many years of not getting in the saddle.  I did this recently; it was quite a scary experience. I knew how to peddle and ride in a straight line, but my ability to do it effectively was sorely lacking. However, after some practice, encouragement and instruction from my kids, I was soon looking and feeling confident.

There’s no doubt we’ll all need to adapt, develop and re-learn.  Have you thought about this, have you been investing in yourself during the pandemic, or do you have a plan in place that’ll enable you to shine above another candidates at interviews?

Whatever role you return to in travel, the chances are you’ll be doing it not just because you love travel, but because you need to pay bills.

The blog below, about investing in yourself, says ‘building the capacity to sustain your wealth starts with investing in yourself and you are your most important source of wealth’.  It goes on to explain the importance of continuously updating and diversifying your skills, and how this will impact your earning and career potential.

A study by Statista, published in September 2020, showed that almost 50% of people in the 16-24 age group accessed online learning material compared to 25% aged between 25-55. Some of the younger age group will be represented by college and university students, however the age group of 25-55 will be those investing in their learning and development, as they recognise how this plays a significant part in their future earning potential.

Our sister business is a global travel industry recruitment specialist, and the teams there know  their clients will choose candidates who can quickly contribute to the success of the business. Those who have continued to develop, learn and enhance their skills will be the ones who will succeed post-pandemic.

Likewise, customers will be attracted by imaginative marketing campaigns, beautiful websites and great travel offers, and will be looking to book with consultants who offer an exceptional customer experience. Only those that have maintained or developed their skills will be able to meet their customers’ needs.

We encourage all our travel industry colleagues to invest in their personal development. Think about what you want to achieve in your career in travel and the skills needed to develop or learn. What were your weaknesses prior to the pandemic; have you developed these while you can?

Classroom learning and on the job training opportunities may be scarce right now, so e-learning provides a perfect solution. Widely available to anyone with online access , search for a skill and you’ll find an array of websites offering online courses. We have a growing library of free and affordable soft skills e-learning lessons written by travel industry specialists who have excelled in their roles.

There’s an abundance of learning and development opportunities, and with just a little time and effort you’ll be prepared and ready for business when travel returns.

Building the capacity to sustain your wealth starts with investing in yourself.

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