Is there an answer for everything?
If your question isn’t here, let us know.


Is there an answer for everything?
If your question isn’t here,
let us know.

Because first and foremost, we oppose pricing that is prohibitive. Some of the pricing we see is ludicrous. Therefore our learning is affordable for everybody – and by 'everybody', we mean globally.

Every course has been created from scratch by our community of authors, who are all industry experts. Most learning, both offline and online is generic and not tailored to situations or roles within the travel industry. Our courses are written by those who have done the role and know what is needed to be successful.

You pay once and access forever. We believe that online learning once bought should be accessible for as long as you want it. You may have a bookcase full of thrillers or romantic beach reads that you read and re-read. Once purchased our learning will always be available for you.

Good question, but not ours, because like many industries today, travel is in flux so we insist that all courses are updated regularly to reflect global influences and developments.

You can't! There are no pass or fail rates; no losers, only winners.

Learn at your own speed. You can stop, start, re-start, whatever you like whenever you like. There are no deadlines.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world or what technology you are using. We use a modern, dynamic eLearning authoring tool which performs to the same standard on any device.

Our courses vary in length, depending upon the subject. You can dip in and out of the learning whenever you choose, learning at your own pace with no timescales or deadlines.

Our authors have all worked at senior level within the travel industry and have extensive experience in the course they've created. They've all led teams to great success within their expert areas of the industry. We've provided a bio for each author on the course overview, so you can review their credibility and make an informed decision about who you learn from.

Instead of enduring long video tutorials or classroom training, which may not always meet your learning style, our courses are broken down into bitesize lessons that take between 10-20 minutes to complete.

If you've achieved fantastic career success working to a senior management level within the travel industry, and would love to share your knowlodge with a global audience we'd would love to chat with you.

We accept all major credit cards .

Yes, a downloadable certficate is presented to you upon completion of each course.

Yes, you can. Starting on one device, you can pick up where you left off on another.

Absolutely! Taking our courses shows that you're investing in your career and continuous development. Employers looking to promote or hire will be impressed by this.

Please refer to our privacy policy.

Please use the contact option at the bottom of the page.

In addition to a number of FREE courses, our learning is affordable and costs can be found on each course overview.

Each student should use their own account. If more than one person uses the same account, the course may be invalidated and the account closed.

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