How much do you invest in clothes versus yourself?

Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, Missguided, Amazon – what’s your guilty pleasure?

Disposable, fast fashion has become a global phenomenon.  When brands like Boohoo, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing and Missguided sell bikini’s for as little as a £1/$1 that you can receive the next day, how can you not be tempted to spend evenings online buying your next fashion item? It’s no wonder Amazon Prime has millions of members, feeding their desire to have an item within 24 hours without moving from the couch. Indeed, online shopping is growing hugely year on year. ASOS sales have risen by 18% and 56% of shoppers say they expect to do more online shopping this year than in previous years. Whilst some of these shopping trends will surely be down to Covid19 people’s buying habits have been moving online for some time.

We’re living in a fast-paced world offering more and more choice, where goods are easily accessible and replaceable with the next best thing, and we love it.  So many of us fall for the temptation of cheap fashion and household goods that arrive the next day and won’t last longer than a few months but how much time and investment do we make in our self-development?

Think about this. The average cost of an outfit (jeans, t shirt and sneakers) from a disposable, fast fashion brand can cost between £30-£40. Within weeks most people are back online buying another outfit as fashion has moved on or the clothes have not lasted a few washes. A time management e-learning course is usually similar in price to the outfit, with the main difference that the return on investment lasts a lifetime, helping you improve your productivity at work, enhancing your career and earning prospects. The three hours you spend browsing fast fashion online could be spent completing online subjects that could increase your chance of promotion.

Maybe you’re a gym bunny who invests both time and money on your fitness. While fantastic for the mind and body, do you consider the soft skills you could invest in to help you to progress and achieve as much at work as you do on the treadmill?

What about the three book deal you buy for your holiday; they give you a few weeks escapism which is wonderful, but will you read them again?  Will they help you to convert more travel bookings, earning you lots of lovely extra commission?

We’re not advocating that everybody goes naked, eats with their fingers, doesn’t take pleasure in a best-selling book, but think for a moment about how much time you spend on career enhancing skills. If you learnt just one new skill a year it could make a huge difference to your future.

Our e-learning for the travel industry offers bitesize, affordable and accessible training. Written by travel industry experts who have done the same jobs as you. They share their knowledge and tips to help you to develop yourself and achieve your career goals and ambitions. For just an hour or two of your time and for less money than it costs for a monthly gym membership you could see yourself earning that next promotion, closing more sales, managing a high performing team or exceeding expectations with your corporate account. The return on investment in yourself could be massive.

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