Is managing travel consultants everything you thought it would be, and were you prepared?

I started my travel career over 30 years ago, at Lunn Poly. At the time, they were the UK’s largest travel agency with 800 shops. Within a year, I was an assistant manager; 18 months later a shop manager. All without any formal training. Does this mean I was a natural leader? No, I was promoted because I was a top seller and a good travel consultant. Looking back, I gave up what I loved doing and replaced it with a role where I had to do everything from performance management, attendance, personal hygiene, motivation to lifestyle counselling. I wasn’t prepared. Were you?

Recent studies found that:

  • 98% of managers feel they need more training (
  • 58% of managers said they didn’t receive any management training (
  • 58 % of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss (Harvard business review)

These figures are startling. You can’t help feeling sorry for the employees and the managers.  It’s no wonder that one in three people leave the workplace within the first year. Indeed, a Gallup poll, ‘State of the Global Workplace report’, recorded 85% of employees are not engaged, or actively disengaged, at work.

Knowing these figures and my personal experience made it easy to decide what would be the first course I would write for our eLearning business. Managing Travel Consultants to Sales Success asks managers the following:

  • Does your team of travel consultants wow every customer?
  • Do they provide every single enquiry with a value-based service that delights, converting high levels of bookings and smashing sales targets year on year?
  • Do you have the tools, skills and knowledge to lead your team to this kind of success?

It then goes on to provide nine interactive bitesize lessons that managers (or aspiring ones) can learn anywhere, on any device. We also provide a great sales process to follow, one I’ve developed with all my teams over the years and which has seen profits rise year on year. Additional documentation to train and manage performance is included alongside many tried, tested and successful people management methods.

Being passionate about the travel industry, we want to ensure everyone has the tools and knowledge to succeed. If you’ve something you’d like to learn, and it’s not in our library of courses, get in touch.

We’re passionate about empowering the travel industry community. If you feel the same, share this blog to your social media.

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