Presentation skills in travel

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When the spotlight is on you, it can be intimidating. Presenting in the travel industry is a common skill requirement, so at some point you may need to represent your business. This training course will help you to do so with confidence and impact.


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If you are looking at this course, we are guessing that you fall into one of two categories:

  1. Presenting fills you with a level of unease or even dread. Knocking knees, feeling sick, nervous, sweaty palms and forehead, brain freeze (not the cold ice-cream type) are all symptoms you may have experienced.
  2. You enjoy presenting, however you think you could do better or have received feedback that you could improve this skill.

This course has been created by Fi Morrison-Arnthal, an award-winning travel industry training and development specialist who has created and presented hundreds of talks and training courses during her 30+ years in travel.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Produce a checklist that details the key objectives and goals of your presentation
  • Apply the benefits of story boarding when planning a presentation
  • Create a presentation that is engaging to different personalities
  • Explain how to use your voice and body language to add impact and meaning to your presentation
  • Produce an appealing and engaging PowerPoint presentation
  • Prepare a number of presentation tools that will ensure your presentation is more effective
  • Recognise how important it is to rehearse using the checklist provided

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Fi Morrison-Arnthal – Qualified training and development specialist within the travel industry

Fi is a qualified training and development specialist who has spent her career leading, training, coaching, developing, and recruiting within travel and hospitality.

Her career started as a junior manager with a boutique hotel chain, learning all areas of hotel operations including sales, service and management, before moving into leisure travel with Lunn Poly (TUI), first as a travel consultant, and latterly as Progression Regional Sales Manager. Winning several awards, Fi’s achievements included ‘Shop of the Year’, ‘Highest Revenue Increase of the Year’ and ‘100% Mystery Shopper Awards’.

As Co-op Travelcare’s Training and Development Manager, Fi led a team of national training officers, providing training and development to over 400 branches, call centres and business travel operations. She was responsible for winning national training awards from Travel Weekly and TTG for the design and results generated from innovative courses.

Moving to Cape Town in 2005, Fi became’s Head of Sales, Operations and Organisation Development. Growing the sales team from 16 to over 50 high performing Africa Safari Specialists, she was given the autonomy to strategically lead and manage multiple departments and functions, achieving high year-on-year profitability consistently throughout her tenure.

Returning to retail leisure travel, Fi joined Pentravel, South Africa’s largest independent retail travel chain, as its National Sales and Organisation Development Manager. Implementing people, training, sales and organisation development initiatives, policies, and procedures, she led the business to exceed all previous year profits and annual budgets.

Forming Big Ambitions in 2013, Fi helped prominent international travel businesses recruit and train travel people. Recognised as ‘the’ travel sales trainer in South Africa, she was the Mystery Shopper for South Africa’s Travel News Weekly and ETNW and chosen by South Africa’s number one Travel Industry Portal, ‘Travel Info’, to write its e-learning sales programme.

Fi returned to the UK in 2015, joining Progressive Travel Recruitment. Here, she further developed her global travel network, being relied upon and chosen by some of the world’s largest travel, hospitality, and technology brands as their preferred recruitment partner.

In 2020, Fi founded Progressive Travel Training alongside James Roberts and Tony Macdonald, her fellow directors at Progressive Travel Recruitment. Her passion for training and development, along with her knowledge of the industry, helped her to identify a gap in the market to provide soft skills training in the form of easily accessible e-learning courses created by subject matter experts who have done the jobs you do, and who know what it takes to succeed.

Fi currently lives in the Peak District with her husband, four children and rescue dog Nala.

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