Successful corporate travel account management

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We’ll introduce you to all the essential skills to help make you an exceptional corporate travel (CT) account manager (AM), and enhance the competencies of existing account managers, enabling them to master the role of account management.


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Global epidemics, volcanic eruptions and airline failures have not stopped the requirement for corporate travel, nor will they.

Business people have the option of video conferencing as an alternative to face-to-face meetings, however most know that non-verbal communication including, but not limited to, body movement, gestures, scribbling, off-camera nods and head shakes, can truly impact a meeting’s outcome.

Many business people also need to show their products. The tangible effect of holding something or being shown how to operate a new piece of machinery can rarely be effective if not done in person.

Video conferencing is not fail-safe. The office cleaner making her rounds with the vacuum, working from home, Amazon delivery/dog barking/children interruptions or internet failures can also negatively impact business discussions.

Meetings in real life also tend to have a non-business social element where relationships are cemented. Moving from the boardroom to the restaurant is not uncommon with discussions varying from holidays and family to sport and leisure activities, creating a bond that is critical to establishing long-term customer relationships.

So, while business travel continues, there will continue to be a need for exceptional account managers.

This course has been written by Wayne Durkin, a highly experienced corporate travel director of sales and account management with more than 25 years experience working within airline and corporate travel management.

After completing this course you will be able to describe the core skills to becoming an account manager, including:

  • Knowing and understanding your customer
  • Building strong relationships
  • Preparing for review meetings
  • Handling difficult and challenging subjects
  • Developing consultative selling skills
  • Managing data and analysis
  • How to present value to customers
  • Supplier management and travel procurement
  • Communication and presentation skills

We would also encourage you to complete our ‘Presentation Skills In Travel’ course which can be accessed from the travel courses page on the Progressive Travel Training website.

We would also encourage you to complete our ‘Presentation Skills In Travel’ course.

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Wayne Durkin – Experienced Corporate Travel, Director of Sales & Account Management

Wayne has over 25 years’ experience, managing customer accounts while working within the airline and corporate travel management industries.

He studied Strategic Account Management whilst attending the Sales Directors Programme at Cranfield University, where he had the opportunity to learn from some of the leading thinkers in sales and account management, Lynnette Ryals and Neil Rackham, the creator of SPIN Selling Methodology.

Wayne has experience of managing customers of all shapes and sizes, including successful leadership of global account management programmes for a number of multinational organisations.

Wayne has used his experience to create this training course for individuals wanting to move into an account management role or for those looking to enhance their existing account management skills.

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