What does your online profile say about you, and why is it so important?

Our sister company, Progressive Travel Recruitment, has heard some horror stories from candidates who’ve lost roles, and employers who’ve withdrawn job offers, due to opinions and pictures etc. shared on social media. This prompted us to look into this new issue; statistics were eye-opening and it’s something those in the travel industry should seriously pay attention to, whether they’re looking for a job or to close a sale.

Looking for a new job? Why you need a good social media profile.

  • According to a recent study, over 70% of employers check social media profiles of candidates to learn more about them, and 47% of employers said that they would not call a candidate for interview who does not have any social media presence. (source www.the ladders.com).
  • 58% of employers conduct social screenings to look for information supporting a candidate’s qualifications for the job – 50% want to ensure the candidate has a professional online persona, and 34% want to see what other people are posting. (source www.the careerbuilder.com)
  • 10% of 16-34-year olds are not hired because of stupid social media activities (source – www.reputationrefinery.com)

Want to close the sale? This is why you need a good digital profile.

  • 72% of customers won’t take action until they read reviews
  • 15% of users don’t trust businesses without reviews
  • Only 6% of consumers don’t trust customer reviews at all
  • Google accounts for 57.5% of all reviews worldwide
  • Best-selling products have a 4.2-4.7 rating
  • Local businesses have an average of 39 Google reviews

(source www.hostingtribunal.com)

These figures are startling. The travel industry is highly competitive; you’ll never be the only applicant for a job, or the only travel consultant being given an enquiry, so what’s said about you online is critical to your success.

Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, famously said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

We’re saying “be aware of your online profile and what it says about you”.

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